Latest actions!

image003 2AEAL started sorting clothes in its own sorting center in Belgium, Impulsstraat 6, 2220 Heist-op-den Berg.

Swiss Fashion Trade Belgium Branch is a company of AEAL with 25 employees. We have decided to sort the goods in Belgium park that it comes to us, the goods of our companies Switzerland and the Netherlands. Port of Antwerp is only 20 km.

Visit: www.swissfashiontrade.be

We have contracts for the purchase of white cotton, colored cotton, wool and synthetic textile. This allows us to cover sorting costs, energy requirements and employee salaries.

We employ 8 people.


imagesMZMK9Q8ULeukemia affects about 5,000 people a year in France, especially children and the elderly. Like any disease, it is not meant to be lived but defeated.

It is for this reason that we took the initiative to create our own association to morally and financially support children with this disease.




   Visit: www.lafibredutri.fr